Episode 26 – Vision


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This week the conversation is floating on about:

Why we’re not hitting the social landscape… yet
Yet another thing Maddy can’t eat — we’ll call it a “moment”
A glowing endorsement for Pamela’s products
Buying meat from the farm — Maddy and The Mister Organic Seal of Approval?
The perfect Primal/Paleo snack
Gripes with poser interior designers (F bomb is dropped!)
An open invite for budding kitchen/bath designers


Episode 8 – Horizons

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We avoid the storm this week and discuss:

  • How to avoid contact lens abuse
  • Growing up with storms
  • Nor’easters in New Jersey
  • Central Florida lightning capital
  • A cow in the front yard
  • Who listens to radio anymore?
  • Humbling the household
  • The end of brick-and-mortar bookstores?
  • Considering Facebook and Twitter