Episode 9 – Preparation





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After a week off spent vegging out for Labor Day weekend, we discuss:

An aversion to taking meds
Anxiety about anesthesia
Maddy’s top 5 movies (hint: she’s a sucker for period mysteries)
The Mister’s top 5 movies (hint: he’s a sucker for badasses and jerks)
Pretentiousness vs. Efficiency
Review: Organicville salad dressing
The grass is greener on the next house’s lawn


Episode 4 – Amenities

Noah Sleeps
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On this last day of July we discuss:

  • How we’re (not) better than our listeners
  • Know your drinks
  • Creepy housekeeping staff
  • Hotel plus and minus
  • Sleeping with snowflakes
  • Cover song winners
  • Skirts as an endangered species
  • The lowdown on almonds
  • Bisquick goes gluten-free