Episode 14 – Resurrection

Our latest podcast is now available for direct download right here or on iTunes!
For a Halloween spook-tacular podcast live from Charlotte, NC, the duo returns from the dead to discuss:

Adjusting to a new way of life at the homestead
The Mister being promoted to chef
Conservatives invading the cul-de-sac
Our favorite mood-setting movies for the trick-or-treat set
Our pick for the scariest scene from a ghostly movie done very well: A Tale Of Two Sisters
Personal, eerie experiences


Episode 11 – Sociology

The latest podcast is now available right here or on iTunes!  Listen with prejudice.

The duo welcomes fall this week and discussion includes:

What makes the season special – on the couch and off
Personal critiques including crappy Obama and Walken impressions
The origin of our accents
Roast shows and why we love ’em
Already forgotten why Gilbert Gottfried can’t find work
Society’s need to be entertained and desire to forgive
Our favorite 80s bigots
Crock pot cooking
An update on the neighbor wars