Episode 31 – Identified


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We’re chloro-phylled with energy this week, and we emerge from the garden to discuss:

What the heck a “mulch dump” means (hint: your back won’t thank you)
The challenges of getting the tech side of an ebusiness up and running
Gluten-Free Annex on Facebook and Twitter
Review: Glutino breakfast bars (listen for this week’s discount on glutenfreeannex.com)
Alternative to whey protein: PlantFusion
The ultimate Games of Thrones conundrum


Episode 30 – Rebooted

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In our 30th episode (yeehaw!), we stave off a cold and reminisce:

The trials and tribulations of our Connecticut getaway
A few, great reasons to never gamble again in our lifetime
The joys of airport security checkpoints (hint: don’t pack candles!)

But we’re ecstatic to introduce our online gluten-free store, Gluten-Free Annex!
We carry all the big names, and we’ll reveal a discount code in the podcast weekly.

Episode 29 – Alienation


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We miss a prime opportunity to trick our audience on April Fool’s by discussing:
The Mister losing his aunt to the great unknown
Gearing up to visit Mystic Pizza (and a lot more in CT)
A contractor that actually does legwork for you (they do exist!)
Alien-controlled garage doors
Our official alien conversation: The Mister’s freakiest movie picks
A compelling explanation for “The Greys”

Also, gearing up for a big episode 30 — A surprise will be unveiled!

Episode 28 – Delegation

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With spring upon us, the duo brave the once-again-wild outdoors and discuss:
The buzzing terrors that keep Maddy from gardening
Electric mowers and their ability to confound high-powered neighbors
Playing to our strengths, yet still losing time
Thumbs up for GF Woodchuck Spring Cider
Eggs will raise cholesterol just as fruit will make you diabetic — whatever!
A contractor we like — home remodeling begins
An upcoming death in the family

Episode 27 – Aged


iTunes also updated! 
We attempt to piece together a quality production on a Monday night (youch!) and discuss:

The birthday that never was, and never will be again
A family reality that puts healthy living in perspective
Where Maddy wants to spend the big 4-0 (hint: polydactyl cats!)
Personal training at home
Gluten-free online shopping — arriving here very soon!

Behind-The-Scenes: Orange devil Sebastian wreaked havoc this week, swatting at Maddy whenever she laughed.  That’s why the jokes are minimal, folks!

Episode 26 – Vision


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This week the conversation is floating on about:

Why we’re not hitting the social landscape… yet
Yet another thing Maddy can’t eat — we’ll call it a “moment”
A glowing endorsement for Pamela’s products
Buying meat from the farm — Maddy and The Mister Organic Seal of Approval?
The perfect Primal/Paleo snack
Gripes with poser interior designers (F bomb is dropped!)
An open invite for budding kitchen/bath designers

Episode 25 – Esteemed


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Just like the horse out front probably told you, this week we’re discussing:

Maddy’s top 5 gluten alternatives (and a late entry — Pamela’s GF Cornbread Mix FTW!)
The Mister’s 5 primary Pandora stations (for ambient soundscape and darkwave lovers)
Our cats’ crazy habits (we can’t be alone with these, can we?)