Show 2 – Resistance

Cat Puts the Bitey OnThis week we’re discussing:

  • The advertising side of a start-up podcast.
  • Maddy’s run-in with nature.
  • Some of us can sleep at night with our lies!
  • Charleston, SC, on the horizon.
  • Review of Litter Kwitter.
  • True Blood witches vs. the books.
  • Why the Mister doesn’t like “b” and “p” words.

Also, a little homework assignment: Come up with the best cover songs that sound as if the original song could have been composed originally by the band covering it!

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Show 1

In our premiere podcast we discuss:

  • Why we’re doing this.
  • Getting to know the ins and outs of podcasting.
  • Almond milk.
  • Ninja Turtles cereal, anyone?
  • Gluten-free bread mix.

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Maddy and The Mister – Show 1

Huge thanks to Matthew Schoening “Emotional Clockwork” and Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl “The Apotheosis”, for use of their musical additions to the show.