Episode 26 – Vision


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This week the conversation is floating on about:

Why we’re not hitting the social landscape… yet
Yet another thing Maddy can’t eat — we’ll call it a “moment”
A glowing endorsement for Pamela’s products
Buying meat from the farm — Maddy and The Mister Organic Seal of Approval?
The perfect Primal/Paleo snack
Gripes with poser interior designers (F bomb is dropped!)
An open invite for budding kitchen/bath designers


Episode 20 – Transition

Noah Loves Grapefruit!

We’re celebrating our 20th podcast, and you can listen to it right here or on iTunes!
This week the duo discusses what’s already in motion for the new year:

A return to the office
MINI Cooper vs. Toyota Prius
The Mister’s already addicted to his iPhone
Siri joins the podcast
Finalizing house plans
Our primal diet favorites: Turkish figs and pumpkin seeds (Noah has his own)
Our Super Bowl picks
Chappelle and Kevin Hart impressions