Episode 13 – Uplifting

Our latest podcast is now available for direct download right here or on iTunes!

In our first podcast without a real agenda we discuss:

Maddy’s surgery in maddeningly-explicit detail (you’ll feel like you’re being operated on!)
The Mister can actually cook, but Maddy can’t remember it
Two more “Why Not?” movie picks: Breast Men and The Human Caterpillar
An uncooperative cat — guess which one?


Episode 12 – Virtual

Hey!  It’s October!  We’ve got a new podcast available here or on iTunes!

This week the duo discusses:
Working from home and all it’s cracked up to be
Your spouse as your co-worker
Home expos are toy stores for adults
Prepping the house for sale
Neighbor drama part 2
An Oktoberfest without beer — it’s possible!
Lecturing the masses on spaetzle
Maddy’s surgery week
Pondering death for a moment