Episode 3 – Charleston

Maddy On the Battery
This week we’ve braved the city of Charleston, South Carolina.
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Here’s the photo stream from the weekend.

  • Cars burst into flames
  • Corned beef is ordered
  • We feel the Civil War’s first shot
  • Planter’s Row vs. Garden District
  • Walking the Battery = Jello-O legs
  • Charleston has a French Quarter?
  • A market full of scorned women
  • Magnolia Plantation visit

On The Road (Finally)

Is it too early in the podcast’s tenure for a special episode recorded live in Charleston, South Carolina?  Nah.  The latest episode will be found right here and on iTunes starting this Sunday.

Also, we’re still on the lookout for the best examples of covered songs that the cover artist should have been playing all along.  We’ll even give you a shout-out.  Who doesn’t like those?

Show 2 – Resistance

Cat Puts the Bitey OnThis week we’re discussing:

  • The advertising side of a start-up podcast.
  • Maddy’s run-in with nature.
  • Some of us can sleep at night with our lies!
  • Charleston, SC, on the horizon.
  • Review of Litter Kwitter.
  • True Blood witches vs. the books.
  • Why the Mister doesn’t like “b” and “p” words.

Also, a little homework assignment: Come up with the best cover songs that sound as if the original song could have been composed originally by the band covering it!

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