Episode 28 – Delegation

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With spring upon us, the duo brave the once-again-wild outdoors and discuss:
The buzzing terrors that keep Maddy from gardening
Electric mowers and their ability to confound high-powered neighbors
Playing to our strengths, yet still losing time
Thumbs up for GF Woodchuck Spring Cider
Eggs will raise cholesterol just as fruit will make you diabetic — whatever!
A contractor we like — home remodeling begins
An upcoming death in the family


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Episode 25 This Sunday!

We’re taking one of those Stewart/Colbert weeks off, in order to rest up for the big 25 this weekend!

This week:
Maddy breaks down her top 5 gluten alternatives
The Mister reveals his top 5 Pandora stations
The advantages of a home designer vs. general contractor
Cat corner: Their top weirdest habits

Episode 16 – Discipline

Our latest podcast is now available right here and on iTunes!
In our sixteenth podcast (how sweet it is), Maddy and The Mister discuss:

Reviews of Grimm and Hell On Wheels
Maddy’s cry for help
Selling the car that taught us how to live – The Saturn Story
Fiscal discipline for the unconventional
How to turn $100 into $100K