Episode 26 – Vision


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This week the conversation is floating on about:

Why we’re not hitting the social landscape… yet
Yet another thing Maddy can’t eat — we’ll call it a “moment”
A glowing endorsement for Pamela’s products
Buying meat from the farm — Maddy and The Mister Organic Seal of Approval?
The perfect Primal/Paleo snack
Gripes with poser interior designers (F bomb is dropped!)
An open invite for budding kitchen/bath designers


Episode 25 – Esteemed


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Just like the horse out front probably told you, this week we’re discussing:

Maddy’s top 5 gluten alternatives (and a late entry — Pamela’s GF Cornbread Mix FTW!)
The Mister’s 5 primary Pandora stations (for ambient soundscape and darkwave lovers)
Our cats’ crazy habits (we can’t be alone with these, can we?)

Episode 4 – Amenities

Noah Sleeps
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On this last day of July we discuss:

  • How we’re (not) better than our listeners
  • Know your drinks
  • Creepy housekeeping staff
  • Hotel plus and minus
  • Sleeping with snowflakes
  • Cover song winners
  • Skirts as an endangered species
  • The lowdown on almonds
  • Bisquick goes gluten-free