Episode 16 – Discipline

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In our sixteenth podcast (how sweet it is), Maddy and The Mister discuss:

Reviews of Grimm and Hell On Wheels
Maddy’s cry for help
Selling the car that taught us how to live – The Saturn Story
Fiscal discipline for the unconventional
How to turn $100 into $100K


Episode 15 – Color

Our latest podcast awaits your download here or on iTunes!
With fall unfurling new TV content, the mending duo plop down to discuss:

Trololo Man – an oldie but a goodie!
Review: NBC’s Grimm reminds The Mister of Dylan Dog and Cemetery Man
Getting Ready for Hell on Wheels — a new Deadwood?
No Trash Project
What Cats are Saying to Silverware
Future Goal: Opening a B&B
Origin of the Name “Maddy and The Mister”
What We Want to Be When We Grow Up
Maddy Turns Red Once Again