Episode 30 – Rebooted

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In our 30th episode (yeehaw!), we stave off a cold and reminisce:

The trials and tribulations of our Connecticut getaway
A few, great reasons to never gamble again in our lifetime
The joys of airport security checkpoints (hint: don’t pack candles!)

But we’re ecstatic to introduce our online gluten-free store, Gluten-Free Annex!
We carry all the big names, and we’ll reveal a discount code in the podcast weekly.


Episode 24 – Probability

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We take out our frustrations after losing our recording (what are the odds?) to discuss:
Falling out of contact with family
There’s no way to beat slots, is there?  We’re gambling on it!
Customer reviews are full of extreme people
The phenomenon of K-Pop (15 years too late?)
Facetime is Skype for the Apple set
Maddy returns to the office, and noone’s making eye contact

Episode 23 – The Container

Our latest podcast is now available right here or on iTunes!
The duo don their finest black duds to discuss the ever-so-uplifting topic of death!
(Also, RIP Whitney Houston)

A case for being buried with the family or not
The body as a container (cars as containers for our container)
The best on-screen portrayal of “looking out” – Being John Malkovich
Our personalized wishes for post-mortem arrangements
Mohegan Sun, we’re coming for your slots!