The Hosts

Maddy Maddy was undoubtedly a general in a former life, as she is most certainly a household delegator. She has an interest in picking up just about any book, and if it has to do with cooking or her ever-expanding interest in all things gluten-free, you can forget about getting her attention for a while.
The Mister The Mister likes to over-think everything to the point of unattainable perfection, but he’s also the “do-er” to Maddy’s dreaming ways. When he’s not cutting down a tree in the background, he puts the tech hat on and ruins his eyes.
Sebastian Sebastian is playfully known as the little boy in tabby cat pajamas. Case in point: When he’s not a holy terror at the vet, he’s hanging upside down off of chairs. While super-friendly at least 90% of the time, it’s Seb’s remaining 10% that will deliver a swat at your face when you least expect it.
Noah Noah couldn’t be any more different than his orange brother, and it’s for the unlikely reason that he actually behaves like a cat. A quiet, cautious demeanor is the impression one comes away with, but long-term exposure to this little bear reveals a passive-aggressive klepto that likes to suck his own foot.

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