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Episode 25 – Esteemed


Our latest podcast is available now, and on iTunes!  Celebrate #25!
Just like the horse out front probably told you, this week we’re discussing:

Maddy’s top 5 gluten alternatives (and a late entry — Pamela’s GF Cornbread Mix FTW!)
The Mister’s 5 primary Pandora stations (for ambient soundscape and darkwave lovers)
Our cats’ crazy habits (we can’t be alone with these, can we?)

Episode 25 This Sunday!

We’re taking one of those Stewart/Colbert weeks off, in order to rest up for the big 25 this weekend!

This week:
Maddy breaks down her top 5 gluten alternatives
The Mister reveals his top 5 Pandora stations
The advantages of a home designer vs. general contractor
Cat corner: Their top weirdest habits

Episode 24 – Probability

Our latest podcast is available, so grab it up right here or on iTunes!

We take out our frustrations after losing our recording (what are the odds?) to discuss:
Falling out of contact with family
There’s no way to beat slots, is there?  We’re gambling on it!
Customer reviews are full of extreme people
The phenomenon of K-Pop (15 years too late?)
Facetime is Skype for the Apple set
Maddy returns to the office, and noone’s making eye contact

Episode 23 – The Container

Our latest podcast is now available right here or on iTunes!
The duo don their finest black duds to discuss the ever-so-uplifting topic of death!
(Also, RIP Whitney Houston)

A case for being buried with the family or not
The body as a container (cars as containers for our container)
The best on-screen portrayal of “looking out” – Being John Malkovich
Our personalized wishes for post-mortem arrangements
Mohegan Sun, we’re coming for your slots!

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